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by Craig Danuloff

Quality Score in High Resolution is shipping!

After a ‘sneak peak’ launch at SMX-Advanced in Seattle, and shipping special ‘first printing’ copies to 100 supporters, the ultimate guide to Google AdWords Quality Score is now available to anyone managing paid search accounts.

What You’ll Learn:

In 225 pages this book explores the details of AdWords Quality Score – you’ll finally understand what’s being measured, how it impacts your ads and results, and most importantly how to build and manage accounts to sell more and spend less.

You’ll be amazed at how many aspects of AdWords are driven by Quality Score, and how many formerly confusing elements become clear once you understand what Google is doing – and why.

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The Reviews Are In:

Brad Geddes calls it ‘the definitive book’, Bryan Eisenberg says it’s a book ‘you MUST invest time reading’, Kim Clink says it “lifts the veil off AdWords Quality Score”. And every review thus far has been 5-Stars!

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Over the past few weeks I’ve posted a number of quality score articles in support of the book at several different blogs. Here’s a roundup:



A few weeks ago, Google clarified one of the many mysteries of the role landing pages play in the calculation of quality score, with the announcement that site quality policy violations would now be reported via a new message in the status column in the AdWords keywords report.

Google wants anyone who clicks on a paid search ad to be treated well before and after their click. Anything which they believe could reduce the quality of that experience is considered grounds for lowering your quality score. By doing this they hope to reduce the number of people who see your ads, the prominence they achieve on result pages, and make a few bucks by charging you a ‘bad advertiser’ tax.

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I’ve been at SMX Advanced in London for the last few days, in part talking about quality score. The one recurring question I heard was about the best way to scale a new account in a way that would maximize quality score.

The worst way to do it, which seems to be the default method, is to just drop thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of keywords into new accounts and just turn them on. This generally produces really poor results, and may create damage to the account from which it might never recover.

The reason why you don’t want to do this will be clear after we discuss the right way to build and scale a new account.

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